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MIF WORKSHOP - The Collage

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Sat Mar 30
MIF WORKSHOP - The Collage 9:00 AM

Instructor: Jonathan Pitts (USA)

The Collage is a Mid-Form that is a combination of short form, long form, scenes and monologues, that is super fun and audiences love it. The show's styles and tones zig-zag which keeps everyone on their toes.

In the Collage workshop, participants will learn the power of “zig-zag.” They will learn how to go between and back and forth every kind of improv style, tone, and tempo. To do group work and then contrast it with solo scenes or monologues; to go from a serious scene to a physically based comedic one; to incorporate short form games into long form ideals. Every student will gain improvisational artistic flexibility and a better ability to create and discover patterns on the fly.

Participants of this workshop will perform The Collage to close the festival on Sunday, March 31st.

This workshop is designed for people with prior improv theater experience. Not for beginners.

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