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Chopsuey Improv Mixer

Philippine Opera Company

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Sat Jul 20
Chopsuey Improv Mixer 4:00 PM
Sat Aug 17
Chopsuey Improv Mixer 6:00 PM

What is an improv mixer show?

An Improv Mixer Show is a venue where improviser groups, established or not, looking to experiment with new types of improv formats can go and have a show without the logistical nightmare of actually planning for one. One show will feature four teams, so you are buying a ticket to see four improv team performances.

August 17 Performing Groups

Counter Clockwise

Counter Clockwise brings you immersive improv experiences. Our diversity and uniqueness set the tone of performances that will surely tickle your imagination.

aOK Improv

Mix of different individuals who decided to roll with the punches whatever life brings and say aOK.

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Chopsuey Improv

Chopsuey Improv

Chopsuey Improv is borne out of different individuals coming together. While they all started out from different improv teams, they later merged, each adding a unique
“flavor” to the group. So they decided to name their team after the popular mixed-vegetable dish.