Misha Bernas presents

Misha Bernas' Feel Good 'n Flow Workshops

Mission Dance Studio Shibuya

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Sat Jul 27
Misha Bernas' Feel Good 'n Flow Workshops 4:00 PM
Sat Jul 27
Misha Bernas' Feel Good 'n Flow Workshops 5:30 PM
Sat Jul 27
Misha Bernas' Feel Good 'n Flow Workshops 7:00 PM
Misha Bernas' Feel Good 'n Flow Workshops

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Studio D907 16:00-17:30 キッズ

Studio D907 17:30-19:00 中高大生

Studio F904 19:00-21:00 大人


Studio F904 16:00-17:30 キッズ

Studio F904 17:30-19:00 中高大生

Studio E901 19:00-21:00 大人

  1. Kidsキッズ (6歳から12歳までの方)

  2. Teens + Young Adult 中高大生(13歳から25歳までの方)

  3. Adult + Parents 大人 (ママパパ大歓迎!26歳から55歳までの方)


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All classes are on the 9th floor.


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Misha Bernas

Misha Bernas

Misha has been dancing and acting for 21 years, and participating in local and international competitions and festivals since she was 13. She trained in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, African, lyrical, and modern movement. She is the first Filipino representative of the International non-profit organization The Young Americans, where she learned performing arts, teaching methods, and production to be casted in their outreach tours. She lived with over 80 host families and performed in over 100 different theaters, centers, and schools in Europe, U.K., and Japan, where she taught a wide variety of students including: fellow dancers, athletes, teachers, corporate CEOs, special needs children, teens with mental health issues, refugees, U.S. army kids, and Fukushima tsunami victims.

After touring, she graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Minor in Japanese Studies. As a member of the Executive Board of the Company of Ateneo Dancers, she directed its Contemporary team and brought them to Los Angeles, California to represent the country for the 27th Dance Excellence International Festival. They won an Excellence Award and Misha received the Global Arts Award. Misha was also awarded in Dance: Choreography during the Ateneo’s Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts in 2018.
She continues to study movement, voice, improvisation, and dance.
Misha now integrates all her experiences and research through movement workshops. She has conducted these at Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health and
University of the Philippines Public General Hospital, as well as Rue de Danse Studio and Groove Central Dance Studio.

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