TWI Goes Online Improv Workshop Level 1: The Joy of Improv Wednesdays

Apr 21, 2021

About the Event

This course serves as an introduction to improvisational theater and its enriching techniques for finding joy in everyday life through specialized online, real-time video interactions. Through eight synchronous sessions, students are introduced to the fundamental principles of improv and its practical applications with short form games that inculcate the philosophies and methods unique to Third World Improv.

Eight Wednesdays 8:00-10:00 PM (GMT+8) Starting April 21, 2021

For this event, we are using Zoom. Instructions will be sent via your login email registered on Ticket2Me.

No performance experience necessary. Open to participants in and outside of the Philippines. For ages 18 and above. Limited slots only. Pre-registration required.

See Admission Rules tab.

About the Instructor Aih Mendoza is faculty member and alumni of Third World Improv, the first improv school in the Philippines. She has improvised, attended workshops, and taught in several countries around the world and has experience co-facilitating applied improv workshops in Manila. A member of the TWI house team and other pop-up improv groups, Aih performs and organizes shows regularly. Outside of improv, she is a freelance writer, artist, and all-around creative.

Third World Improv Goes Online! An exciting line-up of workshops, classes, and lectures made especially so they can be done online during the quarantine. After all, improvising is all about saying yes to the moment and adapting.

Admission Rules

For this event, we are using Zoom. Instructions will be sent via your login email registered on Ticket2Me.

To fully appreciate this program, please make sure that: ▫️ the latest version of Zoom (version 5.5.x) is installed on your device with working camera, speakers/earphones and mic. Desktop/laptop preferred. One device per participant ▫️ you have stable internet connection ▫️ you are situated in a place with ample privacy, good lighting, minimal background noise and enough space for you to stand up and fully stretch your arms out to both sides ▫️ you are not in a moving vehicle or in the middle of a meal ▫️ you can come 15 minutes earlier so we can start on time

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About the Organizer

Third World Improv Inc.

Set up in 2015 by the members of the pioneering improv group SPIT, Third World Improv aims to produce improv practitioners who are authentic, innovative, culturally and socially relevant and a lot of fun.

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