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Zero Gadget

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Sat Sep 21
Zero Gadget 1:00 PM
Zero Gadget

Raising your child in a #Zerogadget environment is very challenging, especially if your kids are habitually using phones, tablets and watching TV but it IS possible! It may take some effort, firm motivation, commitment, and lots of patience but it's all worth it.

What you will learn in this session:

  1. Why the need for a #ZEROGADGET environment?
  2. The Supposed Advantages of Letting Our Child Use Gadgets.
  3. The Truth About These So-Called Advantages.
  4. Research-Proven and Parent-Tested Tips To Help Your Child Ease Off on Gadget Use.
  5. Alternative Tools and Activities to Help You Foster and Maintain a #zerogadget Home.

Let's learn about the harmful effects of untimely usage of gadgets among young children, how to repurpose the use of gadgets, and how to be intentional about creating a #zergogadget environment home. See you on the next Kapitbahayan Workshop!

Pamilya Echavez

Pamilya Echavez

Pamilya Echavez - We are passionate in creating video contents and events that will help young families have a Christ-centered, happy home. We highlight the importance of family time, intentional parenting, and of having a community that supports young families.

We hope that through these series of events/workshops, we are also able to journey with other families (or mga kapitbahay!) and together build happy homes!



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