Nerd Rage PH & It's Happening Events presents

NerdFest 2020

The Filinvest Tent, Spectrum Midway, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Sat May 2
NerdFest 2020 11:00 AM
Sun May 3
NerdFest 2020 11:00 AM
NerdFest 2020

Get ready for the Summer of Geek, with NERDFEST!

NerdFest is the new summer event for fans and hobbyists of comics, film, TV, gaming, and sci-tech, happening on the long weekend of May 2 and 3, 2020 at The Filinvest Tent in Muntinlupa City. Geek culture is where it's at today and onward!

From superheroes to Jedi knights, from tabletop wizards to esports champions, NerdFest promises to be the hub of excitement and engagement that marks today’s pop culture, bringing together like-minded fans and creators under one roof for two full days.

NerdFest celebrates WHY we love what we love, WHY we form communities and fan groups, and HOW our passions inspire us.

The event will also be the ultimate geek staycation, where the convention doesn't just last for 8 hours, but can virtually go on for 24/7 as you stay in our adjacent partner hotels.

Don't forget to like the NerdFest page ( to be updated with announcements in the next few weeks!

NERDFEST is brought to you by Nerd Rage PH and It's Happening Events.

Nerd Rage PH & It's Happening Events

Nerd Rage PH & It's Happening Events

Nerd Rage PH is an online channel started in 2017 focusing on various aspects on geek culture, in the form of reviews, features, and live streams. Unlike other similarly-themed channels, Nerd Rage focuses on the meat of the matter. If you want brainy content and potentially insightful discussion, Nerd Rage is it.

Today Nerd Rage PH is gearing up to expand its horizons, in the form of its website, which will aim to build its own content in video and written format, focusing on pop culture and pop science content in the Philippines.

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Only held back by our own limitations & guided by clients’ needs. It's Happening Events is craving to handle the demanding energy of corporate events, activations and creative services.

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