OPEN HOUSE: Fundraiser for Displaced Performing Arts Workers

Jul 31, 2020

About the Event

During difficult times like these, we rely a lot on artists to help us get through. From shows to stories, music to dance, art helps us get by. But these difficult times also mean that artists need us to help them get through, too. It’s time for us to give back to the community that gave us so much joy, memories and inspiration.

The COVID-19 lockdown caused thousands of Filipino freelancers, performers, designers, technicians, and production staff to lose their jobs, projects, and income. They are a special type of worker that escapes the protection of the public sector and are very much vulnerable. They face an uncertain future in the coming months, due to shows being cancelled or postponed indefinitely. We decided that something needed to be done, that’s why we created OPEN HOUSE!

OPEN HOUSE is an online fundraising project by Artists Welfare Project, Inc. together with Philstage, Theater Actor’s Guild, SPIT and Third World Improv, in cooperation with Ticket2Me, for the benefit of the performing arts community.

Through live online classes, shows, and workshops, OPEN HOUSE will raise funds to help our Filipino artists and creative workers in need. Donations will be used as cash assistance for the most vulnerable of artists and creative workers to help them survive this difficult period until employment, and everything else returns to normal. OPEN HOUSE online shows and classes are FREE. Please support this cause. Your generous donations will go a long way!

**NOTE: Ticket2Me has waived its service fees for this campaign BUT third-party payment gateway service fees will apply. These service fees are charged by the system's various payment partners including: the credit card processing bank, PayPal, and GCash.

Admission Rules

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About the Organizer

Artists Welfare Project Inc.

Third World Improv Inc. Set up in 2015 by the members of the pioneering improv group SPIT Manila, Third World Improv aims to produce improv practitioners who are authentic, innovative, culturally and socially relevant and a lot of fun.

PHILSTAGE or the Philippine Legitimate Stage Artist Group Inc. is the alliance of professional companies in the theatrical arts. It aims to contribute to the continuing professionalization and sustainability of the theatrical arts industry, assume a proactive role in the formulation of local and national policies, mobilize government and non-government support, foster unity, cooperation and collaboration among member companies, and serve as a catalyst for national growth. Its members include 9 Works Theatrical, Ballet Manila, Black Box Productions, Culturtain Musicat, Full House Theater Company, Gantimpala, Necessary Theater, Philippine Educational Theater Association, Philippine Opera Company, Red Turnip Theater, Repertory Philippines, Stages, Tanghalang Pilipino, The Sandbox Collective, Trumpets, Twin Bill, and Upstart Productions

SPIT is the premiere improvisational theater group in Southeast Asia. With close to a thousand performances in almost 18 years, SPIT has delighted local and international audiences with their unscripted, unrehearsed and totally spontaneous shows.

Artists Welfare Project Inc, an SEC registered NGO, is the coming together of Filipino artists from different disciplines; artists guided by the vision of an increasingly empowered and self-reliant Filipino artists’ sector that is better able to provide for its own needs with the help of government, business, and civil society institutions that care for artists and the arts.

Theater Actor's Guild The Philippine Theater Actors Guild, Inc. or TAG was founded in 2011 to protect and uphold the rights of professional theater actors in any medium, genre or form. We seek to obtain artist protection written into law. We fight for equity.

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Online Events Only

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