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Magpaliksi at Ipaglaban Mau!

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Sun May 31
Magpaliksi at Ipaglaban Mau! 12:00 AM

Our friend Mau needs your help!

A few days ago, Maurice Gaerlan, also known as Maliksi Zaragoza of SPIT Mnl, suffered a brain hemorrhage and had to be hospitalized. However, because of the current pandemic, treatment for his hemorrhage has become more difficult and expensive due to the limited resources.

That’s why Mau’s friends and family put together a fundraiser to help him get through this crisis!

We’re holding two FREE live online shows!


May 15 (Fri) and May 21 (Thu) Live on and

They’ll be filled with music, improv, art, and more! We’re hoping that together, we can help Mau make a full and speedy recovery.

Your generosity will go a long way! Donate at or deposit to:

BPI Alexandre Gaerlan 3909036789 (You may send a photo/screenshot of deposit to for confirmation)

Thank you for your kindness! #ParaKayMau

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Third World Improv Inc.

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