Citizens for Promoting Human Rights, Inc.

The Citizens for Promoting Human Rights, Inc. (CFHR) defends and upholds the dignity of human life. Formed in June 2018, it has a two-fold mission: one, to promote human rights as a Filipino value, and two, to support community-based efforts directed at addressing the needs of victims of human rights violations. CFHR intends to fulfill this mission by serving as a mechanism to receive individual and group donations of Filipinos wanting to exercise their civic duty for human rights. Under the stewardship of a five-person Board of Trustees, CFHR in 2018 worked on clarifying its focus and unique brand, built a volunteer base to attend to the many requirements of organising itself and reached out to various groups and individuals to solicit support for its mission. Before 2018 ended, CFHR was publicly launched last December 10, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In 2019, CFHR is ready to carry out fully its purpose, to collaborate in extending assistance to families of victims of a violent war on drugs that to date has claimed 5,015 lives based on official figures, and to engage in campaigns that raise awareness on the many facets of the ongoing war on drugs, promote and defend the right to life and highlight best practices in responding sustainably to the livelihood and education needs of human rights victims. Alongside these, CFHR will take the necessary steps to ensure its operations meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability expected from it by the public.

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